Friday, May 7, 2010

What I Really Want

I want to read all the Newbery Medal winning novels - seriously, all of them. Strike that, I want to read the winners and the honors... well, not the nonfiction ones, well, maybe after I read the fiction.

I want to collect crazy old leather bound books but there aren't any classics I like enough to do that - except fairy tales. I want to collect crazy old leather bound fairy tale books.

I want to take a pill that is totally 100% safe, but it makes you eat about 50% less automatically.

I want to learn the art of not procrastinating. Further, I want to learn the art of quickly folding laundry, being organized and maintaining focus.

hmmm, maybe the first step to not procrastinating is to get out of here and go write.

One last thing:
Stats: Day 1 & 2
Pages completed today: 2½
Total Page count: 7½
Notes: Half-way through chapter 3!


J. L. Jackson said...

I want that pill, too! It's nice to see your first draft word count increase! Keep it up!

Charmaine Clancy said...

I want the pill that gets someone else to fold my laundry. ;-)

Tara said...

I'm with you on procrastinating, I have a horrible time with it. Sometimes the hardest thing is just getting the butt in the computer chair to sit down and write!

Mary McDonald said...

I need that pill too. And I also need to learn the art of not procrastinating. Maybe later, I'll work on that. ;-)

For Newbury winners, have you read Julie of the Wolves? I think that won one, and it's one of my favorite novels when I was growing up.

Elizabeth Poole said...

I second the learning how not to procrastinate.

I also want to learn how to motivate myself to revise.

Also, world peace, and a bajillion dollar would be nice, while I am also for the impossible. ;)

J. Kaye said...

I think I am getting better at the not procrastinating part, but being consistent was my main issue for so long. That's what I am working on this year.

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