Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A little list.

1. I hate the beginning of my WIP. I think it's trash. But I will push through and probably rewrite the entire thing eventually.

2. Mother Henna (AKA Kara) is doing another round of group coaching to help you accomplish your goals. She is amazing (I know her in real life), incredibly creative and a successful author. She's doing a discounted rate for this session so I encourage you to sign up (I did!).

3. Is there a formula for chapter length? How long should chapters be? How short it too short? It is dependent on book length? Is it dependent on genre? I'd love to hear your feedback.

4. I am absolutely freezing cold.

That is all.


Amy Jo Lavin said...

I don't think there is only one answer to #3. The most important thing when writing a chapter is to make sure that there is a conflict in every chapter. Only you, the writer, can decide how long it will take to develop that conflict.

Oh, and I tagged you on my blog last night. :)

Liz H. Allen said...

I just saw that. I'll have to post my answers soon!

Palindrome said...

I think chapters can be as long as you want. I'm reading Neverland by Douglas Clegg and he has big chapters and then little ones within, all numbered. It's interesting and would be slightly confusing if I lost my place.

Mary McDonald said...

Glad your still pushing through. If I'd have stopped writing my novel until the beginning was what I wanted, I'd have never finished. Since I 'completed' it, I've revised the opening at least six times.

I can't tell you much about chapter lengths. I think mine go from 2500-4500 on average. My current WIP is over 20k, and I haven't yet divided it in chapters. That was more because in my first novel, I'd lose chapters, or miss number them. It was hell to put it all together at the end.

Kimberly Franklin said...

I've always wondered about number 3. Good question. One that I have no answer for! Haha. Good luck with your wip. Keep pushing through!

Lydia Kang said...

I love lists! ;)
My chapters average about 11 pages. Short as 6, long as 20. It depends on what's happening.
Good luck on plowing through your beginning! I had to do that about 4 times before I got it right!

Jen M. said...

Worry about revising latter...the important thing is just to get your first draft on paper. Good luck!

J. Kaye said...

Amen to #1! I agree with Lydia about #3 and have fun with the group coaching. Sounds like fun!

Tara said...

Glad you're pushing through with your WIP. I think that's the biggest hurdle to leap when you're starting a novel. I often feel like I hate the beginning of what I'm writing, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't given up on more than one occasion. It's a real accomplishment to keep going!

Swimmer said...

Chapter... ekk that is a sticky subject for me!

Andrew Smith said...

I've had a chapter in one of my published books that was 13 words long, and those were three complete sentences. I've been known to have sentences that exceed 100 words in length. A chapter has its own lifespan.

Good luck with your WIP. Don't worry about the beginning... when you finish it, write a new beginning. That's what I usually do. The main thing with the WIP is to get the ball rolling.

My advice to you is to shoot for more than 50K words.

I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog. I like it very much, and, as I am also at the beginning of another novel, I will keep checking up on your progress.


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