Monday, May 3, 2010


My house smells of garlic and onion simmering to perfection while my children are engaged in the original Willy Wonka movie (for the thousandth time). While I am veraciously taking in Neil Gaiman's Stardust.

I love reading, I could read for hours and hours though, because I'm a slow reader, it usually takes a while for me to make time to go and sit with a good book. In the time it takes me to read 50 pages, you might be on your 100th. That's just the way it is.

I also have a strong aversion to reading on the computer. Sure, I read blogs daily - actually, I spend hours reading blogs - but my eyes start to go in the evening and I have to switch out my glasses for my new ruby red readers.

I've been seeing all these iPad reviews. The environmentalist in me thinks eBooks are great, plus the costs are reduced. BUT, the book-lover in me is pretty stubborn.

I love buying books and abusing them. I love to crack their binding and write notes in the margins, underline favorite passages and dog-ear the pages. :::I can feel several of you cringe at that::: But books are mine, I buy them and I keep them forever. I use them as I would want my own books used.

I couldn't do this on an eReader. The backlit iPad hurts my eyes after a while and I crave the smell of dusty paper. I guess I'm a traditionalist in this way, I don't think I'll ever convert.

Sound off: What do you think about books vs eReaders like Kindle and the iPad?

ps. I am sorry for the wonkiness on the blog recently, we switched servers and then had a wind storm and the server is currently down. It should be fixed soon though. 


Mary McDonald said...

Can I come over? lol. Mmmm...garlic. And Willy Wonka, one of my favorite movies ever.

Oh, but to your point, I would love a Kindle or Nook, or the cheaper Kobi reader. I don't have much desire for an iPad because I can't type on it, it's heavier than most e-readers, and I can take my netbook with me for surfing the net, plus, like you mention, it's backlit and harder on the eyes.

I just read Under the Dome, and I so wished I had an ereader for that. It physically hurt my hands to hold it open.

One more thing, I hate when books get all mangled. lol. I will finish a paperback and sometimes it looks like it's never been read. (unless I'm eating too, then I always get chocolate or butter from the popcorn on the pages.)

J. L. Jackson said...

I am not sure how I feel about the E readers. I would like one to try. I was thinking about a kindle, but I am not sure. It would save a lot of space, I think.

Swimmer said...

Originally I was dying to get one but now I realize I really love to cuddle up with a book and not worry about the battery going out mid-chapter.

I also love to give all my books away to the local library but I am one of the people who cringes at dog-earing pages so sometimes I get emotional as I send a good book away to the library where I know it will be abused to no end!

Swimmer said...

Just a though(by the way have i mentioned how much I love your site and new layout) I'm having a tiny easy challenge that could help you reach your goal in may!

Liz H. Allen said...

Swimmer - Oh I'm totally doing that! Actually there is another one starting mid-May as well:
I get emotional about books for a different reason - which is why I can't part from them. They are like my friends.

Mary - If you love garlic and Willy Wonka, you'd love my house everyday! I've never considered the weight of a book. That's a really good point. Also text size would be a consideration. If I was to ever get a reader it would not be backlit though, I can't stand it.

JL - My MIL has a kindle and there are SO many books available for it. I've only tested the kindle and the iPad though and I know there are other options.

miss ali said...

Hi Liz,

I've just started in this "blog" world about a week or so ago, still feeling my way around. I stumbled upon your page today and I love it!

I never knew the old layout but I'm loving this one.

I am still trying how to work all the gadgets out and learning how to link things. I joined your pledge today (very cool) and think I put a link to the page (hope it worked) and also added the badge. I'm amazed by the number of aspiring writers out here in blog land and the support everyone gives each other gives me a lot of hope.

answering the actual question- i like the idea of an ereader but very much like my "real" books, I love seeing them fray from love and stacked randomly like a homage to language.

i look forward to your next post!

Palindrome said...

I do love the iPad for it's versatility more than any other "reader" but I much prefer tree books. I love holding a book in my hand. I spend all day looking at my computer at work and reading blogs and writing posts, I would go crazy if I started reading books on my computer.

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