Thursday, April 29, 2010

Waiting for Something Better

Yesterday I got a phone call from PBS, they wanted to feature a new show about humanity around me. Yeah, I was excited. However, I had to turn them down. See, in a former life I was a busy business woman running a nonprofit with a few friends and family.

It was wonderful work and we helped so many, but it just wasn't the life for me. I'd like to think, someday, I will be able to reopen the nonprofit but I would just be a creative director instead of a decision maker.

PBS wanted to feature me because of my nonprofit. Visions of donations and involvement all in the name of families in need started spinning in my head. I stayed sane though, I just can't do this right now. It made me miserable last time.

"I'd be happy to act as a consultant or be interviewed for the program but A Small Victory is closed for at least the next two years," I told the woman.

Ugh, a year ago I would have died at the opportunity. Now I'm turning it down?

But I'm turing it down for happiness. I'm turning it down so I can love my family without being torn in two different directions by what I want to do and what I love to do. I said no so that I can say yes to writing.

Is writing what brings you happiness? Are you being torn in two different directions or are you happy where you sit?

* * *

PS. Michelle Rafter is hosting a blog a day in May event which might be of interest to some of you. I don't think I have the stamina to contend (I already post once a day in my personal blog and twice a week here - plus writing daily) but I know some of you blogging buddies would do fantastic with this blogathon.
* * *

PSS. I finished my blog redesign (I think). You like?


Palindrome said...

Writing does make me happy. That's why this past year has been me trying to really focus on it.

I do like the new design...very writerly. :)

Charmaine Clancy said...

Writing makes me happy and so does my family. I totally understand your decision, I've chosen casual teaching over a permanent position because I just don't want to bring all the work home with me, I'm being selfish and keeping my home life for time with the family where we actually get to interact.
I blogged almost everyday this month and it was hard, I'll be happy to go back to 3 times a week. Sometimes time is more valuable than gold!
Lovely post :-)

Christine Macdonald said...

It's not so much the writing as it is having read what I just wrote. Love your blog (and your choice). Following.

Kerrie T. said...

Wow. That would've been a tough decision. Glad you went for happiness and writing. Yes, writing makes me happy. In fact, if I didn't have other things to do, I could probably write all day!

PS: Love the design!

J. Kaye said...

You are just at a different place right now and there is nothing wrong with that. I move forward in life, so things like this have happened to me in the past. Keep on your current path and don't look back. It's the best advice I can give.

Kimberly Franklin said...

I love writing!! And it brings me happiness! But my family always comes first. :)

Have a great weekend!!

Roland D. Yeomans said...


The wise choice of them is what enables life to shine or to slowly drown under a sea of consequences.

You chose family over career. Staying at home allows you to focus on your loved ones and on your dream of writing.

I write because I must. The stories in me demand to get out. If you are that kind of writer, you will become ill if you do not write just as a painter will wither inside if he cannot brush oil on canvas to etch his vision.

Whether I or others find happiness in writing is still in question. We can only shape our words in the night of our imaginations, hoping someone will listen. Roland

Swimmer said...

I love the new design and I totally get what you mean about being torn in two

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