Friday, March 26, 2010

Wen Hair Care Review

I am obsessed with infomercials. I love them and we probably own over a dozen things that were "as seen on TV" at sometime in my life. My favorite infomercials are about beauty and cooking. I have been totally sold on BareMinerals after seeing their infomercial and discovering for myself how well their product works on my skin.

Over the past year I have caught the infomercial about the Chaz Dean Wen Hair Care products. I've always really liked the idea of this super gentle cleansing conditioner but, really, how well would that work. Though I can be dazzled by the thick and gleaming hair on TV, I know my own hair will look nothing like that. I have thin, fine, semi-wavy hair that is prone to frizzies around my temples. Even on my best hair days, my hair is still thin and would never look like the girls that Chaz Dean styles. Plus, $30 for a bottle of "shampoo" seems super crazy to me.

Then, a few weeks ago, my husband decided her needed new speakers for his computer and I told him then that I would get an equal amount of money to spend on anything I wanted. Deal. With part of my money, I got the Wen Haircare sampler and was super excited to try it out.

Normally, I'm not one for product reviews. If something is crappy, it's my own fault for buying it and, you never know, it might work for someone else. The only time I would tell the world about a product, is if I was totally sold on it and, with Wen, I am.

The product description from their website says: Wen® Cleansing Conditioner is designed to eliminate ordinary shampoo without sacrificing the integrity and beauty of your hair.

I have known for some time that shampoo is not great for your hair. There really is no need to "clean" your hair, but my hair is so thin that grease very easily shows in my hair after only a couple days without a was. I have to always use conditioner though since shampoo causes my hair to turn into one massive tangle.

I had thought that Wen was just a conditioner but the moment I tried it, I knew this wasn't true. Wen does condition your hair, but it also cleanses it. It doesn't suds up like shampoo but there are some bubbles that I see when I rinse. It was going to be hard to sell me on this though. If I were to just put conditioner in my hair as per Wen's directions, I would be left with horribly greasy, dull and weighed down hair.

Not the case with Wen. It's true, it did detangle and condition just as a traditional condition did but it also cleaned my hair. It wasn't squeaky clean, but it was fluffy and shinny, just as if I had washed it with shampoo and conditioner (and rinsed really well). I still wasn't sold though. Yes, it works nice but does it really make a difference? Why not just stick to my regular routine?

A few times a month I do an oil treatment on my hair. I massage it into my scalp and through my ends, braid my hair, cover it with a scarf and go to bed. Normally I need to shampoo twice and then not condition at all and there are times I'm still a little greasy in spots.

With Wen I was blown away to see no grease left at all. My hair felt perfectly clean and manageable. I could not believe it.

I used it on my daughter, who has super fine, hair and it's full of curls but, because it's so fine, even the littlest left over conditioner will tame them to full waves. With Wen, her hair was so curly, smelled great and felt clean and soft.

I'm still not saying that Wen is for everyone but it definitely is for me. If you have been thinking about trying Wen, I advise you do so, at least by a small bottle off Amazon to test it out. You might just be as happy as I have been.

***Liz H. Allen is not affiliated with anyone at Wen, BareMinerals or She was not paid of compensated in anyway for this review. This post is nothing more than her personal opinion.***

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