Friday, March 19, 2010

To boldly go where every college student goes eventually.

I have had three weeks to complete an essay assignment (minimum 3,000 words). However, it is due on Sunday and I have yet to start it. With moving and this new story idea - I've just totally slacked off. Normally 3,000 words is no biggy for me but, this isn't fun writing, it's dull research paper writing.

Further, I have a busy weekend planned (though not fun since it involves my husband's uncle's funeral ☹) and I need to get the paper's edited so that I can get a good grade, I think I've mentioned how horrible my grammar is. All this means that I have to have this paper finished by tomorrow night.

Can I do it? Write or die starts now!


C.A. Marshall said...

I'm looking to build my client list for editing. I'd love to edit/proofread your paper for free, in exchange for a recommendation blurb. I'd also link to you from my blog, too.

What do you say?

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Hope the words came for you, Liz!! Sending supportive heART vibes! :) And just wanting to say thank you for being here and staying connected over the years and I am looking forward to next time we all meet up in person -- think I replied to that FB thread?? Any of those dates are open for me so far. Sending you hugs in the meantime! xo k-

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