Monday, March 1, 2010

Pledge Badge

I'm happy to update that we now have a badge which can proudly be displayed on your blog, website or where ever else you'd like. The goal is that, as people learn to recognize this badge, that it will always be a source of inspiration and support. Simply copy the code from the text box below and paste it on your site.

The Aspiring Writers Pledge: From aspiring writer to novelist in 2010

When people see it, they may ask what it means. By telling them that you have pledged to finish your novel with the intent of publishing it, you are reiterating to yourself what you have set out to accomplish. With others knowing, it will also hold you accountable as they too check up on your progress.


J. Kaye said...

Okay, I am adding the badge. This 50,000/50 is going so well, I think I can actually commit. ;)

cnadeau1989 said...

I have added this badge to my site however I reworded the pledge to make it for 2011 because I just came acrossed it.

heavenlyblack said...

Hello! I have created a similar site like this on my wp account in my "Write a book" site:

This site is in swedish, but i "stole" your plegdewowe and badge, and published those on my site. I changed the year 2010 til 2011 :)

Please go and check it out if you can =)

And a great thank you for your tips

Dearly/ Linda

Rebecca Clare Smith said...

Just like cnadeau1989, I've arrived late and thus changed the wording to 2011 but I have added the badge and a short post about it.

This is my corner of the internet:

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