Monday, March 8, 2010

Liz's Pledge Update

In the past two weeks, I've added a complete scene to my pledge novel however, I had an idea for another story. I've been thinking about it a lot for the past week and I can't seem to get it out of my mind. I'm still grasping for the entire idea and I have a lot of questions about length and if I should make it YA or not. I'm really liking the characters and the world I am creating.

Because it is capturing me so thoroughly, I'm going to shelf my other manuscript, or put it secondary at least, and place most of my time in this new idea. I do like my other one, it's interesting and dramatic, but there are parts that are so common-day (meeting friends at lunch, going to the coffee shop, gossip) because it's set current day in Seattle (where I live).

I originally started writing it as my "warm-up" novel. It was the first time I had ever set out to tackle fiction in that way. Sure, I've done poetry and journaling all my life and have been working on my pregnancy memoir since 2008 but I've only just gotten serious about fiction and short stories. Now that I have, I can't shut it off.

I am from generation ADD (as a friend once told me). We have a hard time keeping our heads in one place for very long. All my life I've struggled with following through, I feel like moving on to something else, when I've barely scratched the surface, is feeding into my bad habits. However, the potential of this new idea is pretty great.

In the next few weeks, I'm going to be changing quite a bit. My family and I are moving about an hour north of our current location. I get to have a garden and an office that looks out over a lake. I've been accepted into a private liberal arts college for women where I will be allowed to work on my craft as I intend - and it will be counted as my school! I will have to over lap my last month at Washington State University with my first at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods which means a ton of work in April, but I am so looking forward to this new opportunity. Further, I'll be finally allowed to start physical therapy soon. This means I won't have to spend my days in bed. As happy as I am about this, it also means less time to write. So, a move of houses, a move of schools and a move in health.

With all this going on in my life, which would be a better option: a new story that captures me or an old one that is already completely outlined?


J. Kaye said...

You have a lot on your plate right now. That you are able to do anything is amazing to me. As far as which? I always go with what interests me at the moment. I'm ADD, so it's not like I have much choice. If I grow bored, I'll stop working. Besides, life is to short to waste on things that don't excite me!

porcelaine said...

Although your plate is full, some people thrive in chaos. I'm one of them. Go with your gut and see where the story takes you. At the very least you know you have something feasible to return to if the desire exists. Good luck on the move and change in schools. The garden sounds divine!

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