Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inspired the Write

When the inspiration strikes, normally I start with a free-write. If the story captures me and is coming easy I make the decision to add it to my current work-in-progress list rather than shelf it for an indefinite amount of time.

I am still trying to find my best method of continuing work though. I have been playing with plot outlines, thorough character and scene sketches and simply continuing with the free-write.

Perhaps there is no sold way of tackling each story idea. Perhaps some work better with outlines and others do not.

When inspiration stikes you, what are the next stages in your story development?


J. Kaye said...

When a story idea comes, my life stops to capture the summary on paper. If not, I'll lose it. When I began the 365 project, I decided to list and organize all my current story ideas. That was my first attempt at organization. So far, I think I've only worked on about six of those ideas for this year. It's helped to label each one with a summary. Each are in different phases of development.

That said, since beginning the 365, I haven't had a new story idea. Normally, this would be bad news, but I have enough ideas to last me a few years. ;)

porcelaine said...

I no longer attempt to remember them. It is better to get the ideas down on paper, even if I'm continuing to roll them around in my head. There's an intrinsic validity to the process. Something that alerts me to the possibility of the dialogue going somewhere. I'm toying with the concept that each idea has merit, even if it never comes to fruition in the manner I'd prefer.

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