Thursday, March 18, 2010

Always a WIP

Wow, I haven’t updated the blog forever. We have been so busy with the move. Plus, I’ve been entirely unmotivated to write which is crappy all on it’s own. I have been keeping track of word counts though and soon I will update my numbers.

I have another collection of essays due on Sunday (which I have yet to start) so I should be busy writing over the next few days - just not writing what I’d like to.

As for my current WIP, I’ve completed 2¾ character sketches and almost the whole outline. Plus I drew a map of the world, family trees and made a list of the vocabulary I’ll be using. So far it’s coming along. I have the beginning written and the end entirely outlined but I’m having a hard time with the middle. I don’t want it to sag. I suppose I will just keep writing and see what happens all on it’s own without an outline.

This current WIP is intended to be a short, quick read but will be the first of a series. I have the basic story lines for all books in the series written out and I really love where it’s going. Now, whoever is the first to invent a way that would write what I see in my head. This book plays like a movie and I hope I can do it justice with my writing.

Have any of you ever dropped a WIP in mid-step for another idea? I’d love to say I can work on both at once but my mind is already in a thousand other places - I’d rather not cause damage by subjecting it to more confusion.


J. Kaye said...

Oh yes, many times. With the exception of the 50,000/50 writing challenge, I've hopped around from story idea to story idea. It keeps things exciting.

J. Kaye said...

Any idea what happened to the pledge button?

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