Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Goals

I finished all my homework for the weekend so I have all day to write. I've been thinking about making more goals for myself. I'd really like to take my writing more seriously. I was reading Angela Booth's Top 15 Writing Tips To Help You To Write More and it really inspired me to get my butt in gear.

Goal #1: Handwrite one page of anything every morning.

Then I've been really wanting to take part in one of Inkygirl's word count challenges but here's the thing, I have college writing, journaling and personal creative writing that I do daily. Should they all count towards a daily word count or should they be separate?

Goal #2: Write 1,000 words a day, total.

Along with that, I must start build my name and getting known. That means I need to be actively writing and updating my blogs as well as being active on Twitter.

Goal #3: Post daily in my personal blog.
Goal #4: Post some writing (article, poetry, short story or a sample from a novel) twice a week.

But what about my larger goals? From Angela Booth's Top 15 Writing Tips To Help You To Write More:
Writer Martha Beck calls unrealistic goals WIGs: Wildly Improbable Goals. In the September 2002 issue of Oprah magazine she says: "... learning to invite and accept your own WIG can awaken you to a kind of ubiquitous, benevolent magic, a river of enchantment that perpetually flows to your destiny."
What would my WIGs be? I know I have to publish at least one thing before I can apply to my chosen Master's program and I'm probably going to start applying Fall 2011. I also know that I have about a billion novel ideas and a crap-load (I know, real professional sounding) of poems.

WIG #1: Have a short-story published
WIG #2: Publish a book of poems by Fall 2011
WIG #3: Publish a novel by Fall 2011

How will I ever accomplish all this when I simply don't have the time? Easy, limiting my time on Facebook, turning off the television and putting writing first - well, second, because family always comes first. Also from Angela Booth, but this time from her post on How to Be an Organized Writer, she suggests that a writer works on each project a little everyday. Doing one-at-a-time, does not work for me. As a friend recently said, I am from the ADD generation. Therefore:

Goal #5: Work on each project for at least 10 minutes each.

And finally, how will I keep track of all this? In this blog of course! I'll figure out some format to track (daily I hope) word count and what I've worked on.

Happy Writing!

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g.Love said...

i am so proud of you, and so incredibly inspired as well!! thank you for sharing all of this. i cant wait to see how you do!! <3

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