Saturday, February 20, 2010


Recently I've started following a few new blogs. Over at Write Everything, there is a weekly challenge using a prompt. I thought it sounded fun as I really need to practice using prompts much more than I do.

The criteria is to write for at least five minutes (which is really all I had time for) without stopping and post it as is, no editing, in your blog and then linking back to it at Write Everything.

This week the prompt was:
An unsigned invitation arrives requesting your protagonist’s compulsory attendance at the opening of Electric Lady Land.

My free write:

Willow ran down the stairs to see if any mail had arrived that was addressed to her. She regularly donated to charity so she often received several junk mailings asking for even more money. Greedy bastards, she thought, I’m only 16, even donating ten dollars should be enough. However today she saw something on the junk table near the front door that caught her eye immediately.

A purple envelope lay on the top of the pile. It was larger than the rest and had a sparkle when reflected in the light. In careful handwritten calligraphy, was her name and no address. She glanced around to see if maybe this was her little brother playing a trick on her. When she was sure there was nobody around to jump out and laugh, she carefully opened the envelope.

Silver sparkles spilled onto the floor as Willow pulled out a delicate invitation made from the finest of handmade paper.

Your Attendance is Required
For the Grand Opening of
Electric Lady Land

There was no signature. Willow quickly grasped the envelope but there was no return address either.
What the hell is Electric Lady Land and why am I required there, she thought with a feeling of unease in her stomach.

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adampb said...

Could there please be a vampire in this story, or a zombie. A little tongue in cheek, but I like the sense of character.

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