Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tattoo Etiquette

• If you are bringing someone along to your consult or sitting, their opinion can actually hurt the process. If you cannot speak for yourself and give your own opinions, you have no business getting tattooed.

• Bring along drawings or pictures as a frame of reference, not because you want that exact image tattooed on you. These are artists, anything they create will be in their own style. They are trained in what makes a good tattoo and what is still going to look good years from now. Your drawing may not translate well.

• Tell the artist what images you’d like, not what you’d like the tattoo to mean. Coming in and saying that you’d like a tattoo to represent love is much too vague and difficult for the artist. Instead, tell them that you’d like a heart.

• Show up on time, not early. Showing up too early puts stress on the artist and assumes that they have nothing better to do that to serve you.

• If you must wiggle, don’t apologize every time. Doing so only shows the artist that you know you are doing something that bothers them but you continue to do it. If you are going to fidget and jerk too much you may be asked to come back at a different time.

• Don’t complain about the pain too much either. They know it hurts, if you’re fussing too much they may stop as tattoo artists do not particularly enjoy causing you harm.

• Do not assume they watch the tattoo reality shows on TV. They are about as realistic as ER is to a doctors office and you don’t go into your doctor and ask if they saw the latest episode of ER.

• The price is non-negotiable. Most tattoo artists have a flat hourly fee of $125 an hour. 
“Remember, there is nothing you can buy that will last as long as your tattoo,” Artcore Studio tattooist, Joby Dorr says.
Do not bargain.

• When tipping, don’t use the tip line as a way to balance out the bill to an even number to make your book keeping easier, it’s insulting.

• While tips are not expected, a good tip is the quickest way to get on a tattoo artists good side.

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