Saturday, August 15, 2009

Frugal Mom Tip

Charity auctions are a great place to get deals on various items, think ebay but with only local items and fewer people to bid against. Recently, my husband and I went to a charity auction and won a children's museum package valued at over $300. We paid just $60 for it and got passes to all the museums in the Seattle area. Now our summer is filled with free (or nearly free) events for the whole family. Sometime though, the cost of a ticket is more than you can afford. In this case, call the hosting organization and ask if they need any volunteers at the event and if volunteers get free admission. So, not only do you have the possibility of a free meal and night out, and maybe some great deals, but you are also helping out the community by supporting local charities. Keep this in mind next time you get an invitation to a benefit auction.

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