Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free-Write: Favorite Day of the Week

Writers Exercise/Challenge: Write 600 words in first person while only using first-person pronouns (I, me or my) twice. One first-person pronoun must be used in the first 40-50 words.

Topic: What is your least favorite day of the week?

The work week begins for most on a Monday. We wade through the days, counting down to the final hour of our Friday. There are those lucky few who set their own work schedules, who work from home or do not work at all. How I envy those people who are allowed to pick their own hours. It is them who have the freedom to decide between waking up early on a Wednesday morning, staying-up until 2AM or doing all work on a Sunday afternoon.

As a mom, the days here are spent on someone else’s time, the kids are the time card, keeper and attendant. They schedule all activities and determine when and how daily events are to be completed. It is ever unlikely that mom is able to chose her own work week and it is more than accurate to say moms never get a day off.

For the most part, we are lucky. The little one still takes wonderful two hour naps in the middle of the day. Both kids go to bed regularly at 8PM and generally sleep until at least 3AM before crawling in the family bed. On most nights we snuggle and all get adequate sleep. With dad on one side and both kids wrapped around mom, if anyone is to suffer in sleep, you can see who it would be. But oh, the love in that warm bed at night. It’s almost too much to let go of.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as sleeping-in under this roof, unless perhaps your wife lets you sleep because she knows how much nicer you are to be around when fully rested and because she loves you so. The kids wake us up most mornings because they are hungry. Waking up next to them is blissful. Blue-eyes and messy hair, warm bodies and cuddles. The kids are cuddlers in the morning and it’s something to cherish. All four of us, under the thick quilt of the family bed, cuddle and tickle and laugh. Enjoying early morning Noggin and our time together.

Admittedly, there are many a morning when we would rather be sleeping in our own bed with no kids surrounding us until late in the afternoon. These are the times missed by a husband and wife after their children are born.

Our evenings are far easier. If both kids go to sleep as planned, we are allowed hours that we can spend on whatever we please. For reading, writing and watching TV. Or simply staring mindlessly at the computer. If it was my personal choice, we would get into that big warm bed of ours and watch TV together, close and touching. Thinking back, there is so much that is taken for granted now. Time together. Time apart. Not having certain responsibilities.

My favorite day of the week is not a Monday or Friday. It is not a specific day at all. It’s the day when we are happy and warm in our bed. Where there is no yelling or fighting over toys. When responsibilities melt away and all that remains is love. When we are smiling and children’s laughter fill the air. Tickle fights erupt with good natured humor and the worries of work and money are nowhere to be seen or felt. When husbands and wives express their love openly with kisses and cuddles and when no one is rushed to move on to the next part of the day. The days when a lack of sleep no longer matters as long as we are together. The days when togetherness is all that really matters. Those are the favorite days in this house.

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